Removing Etches From Marble

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There are two kinds of marble on the market. They are the natural marbles and the cultured marbles. Natural Marbles are hard yet porous stones that can be easily get stains. This kind of marble is more expensive and needs to have a regular maintenance. They can also be easily etched when acid comes in contact with natural marble. However, the cultured marble is less expensive and they are usually sealed thus leaving almost maintenance free. Cultured marble has lesser absorbency that of the natural marble.

Cleaning a cultured Marble is like cleaning a car. Using harsh chemicals like acids, cleaners, abrasives, and scouring pads are not recommended for it will damage the protective covering of the marble. Water and mild dishwashing detergent will do.

One of the common problem of natural marble aside from staining is etching. These etches when left unattended can cause the marble to get more damage such as chips and cracks. It is better to act immediately when acid contacts with natural marbles. Removing etches are more difficult than removing stains because the marble can easily be corroded by those acid substance such as vinegar. Acids may also come from fruits or beverages. People are usually unaware that common household cleaner could further damage the marble's surface if used.

These are some tips on how to maintain marbles. This procedure may only be applicable to natural marble. Clean the etched area with damp sponge and allow it to dry for an hour. Then sprinkle an adequate amount of marble polishing powder. Be sure to cover the etch. You can get this powder online and in marble distributor.

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Rub the powder gently to remove the etch. However, if not done properly may cause further damage to you marble. You may also use a stone soap as a substitute to the powder. Just add two drops of stone soap onto the wet cloth and rub on the etch until removed. Rinse the solution with water and let it dry.

However, if etches are severe, it is recommended to call a professional cleaner. They know how to remove those stains and etches. But be sure to choose the best company. Do the research and read the reviews as well as testimonials. One reputable company called Colonial not only supplies marbles of any kind, but they also offer marble maintenance. They have satisfied customers around the globe by providing high quality marbles and as well as maintaining these marbles. They have secret solutions in restoring the marble back to its original quality. These ingredients are professionally proven and does not cause any adjacent color changes. They may not even affect the glossy look of the marble. They can also help you save time in cleaning your natural marble.

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