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Types of MarbleThat We Service :

Creole marble
Etowah marble
Murphy Marble
St. Genevieve marble
Sylacauga marble
Tennessee marble
Vermont marble
Tuckahoe marble

Yule Marble
Carrara Marble
Faux Marbling
Paper Marbling
Green Marble
Cultured Marble

Marble is a special kind of classic stone used in floors, countertops, and furniture accents. In order for you to enjoy its longevity, it has to be maintained. Marble can be easily stained and etched, and eventually gets dull. If you want its quality to last, you should apply the proper techniques in removing the stains. Marble maintenance is the easiest way to help you make the marble looks polish all the time. Marble clean is just one of the services that Colonial floor and stone care offers.

To protect your marble from scratches, you can put coasters or mats on countertops under appliances or glasses. Sharp-edged objects should not be put directly onto the marble. When your marble loose it shine one thing you should consider is hiring a professional company to assess the condition of the marble and make some suggestions on ways to enhance its appearance.

There are lots of materials such as green leafy vegetables and liquids that could easily stain your marble, thus, frequent cleaning should also be done. Immediately clean up the spilled liquids such as orange juice, coffee, or wine because these liquids are acidic and could damage your marble quality if left untouched for a long period of time. Coffee grounds, curry powder, cumin and other green leafy vegetables that have strong pigments could also stain your marble very quickly; therefore you have to sweep them quickly once spilled.

Marble Cleaning Fort Lauderdale

Marble Cleaning Fort Lauderdale


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In removing the stains or cleaning your marbles from dust, only use a soft cloth that is partially dipped in warm water. Avoid scrubbing the marble to prevent it from scratching. If the spot doesn't remove easily, just make a circular motion when wiping until it disappears. Again, never scrub the marble. Immediately dry up the water using a soft dry cloth after cleaning the marble because water can also leave a stain.

For deeper marble cleaning, use only the natural or light soap, or marble cleaner to remove the debris that has been accumulated. Dilute the cleaner in warm water and always use a soft cloth to clean the surfaces. Although vinegar is a natural cleaner, it is not appropriate to use on marbles because it is acidic and will corrode the marble. On the other hand, hydrogen peroxide can be only be used on light colored marble. Polish your marble using the chamois, a soft fabric that is used in drying and shining the marble.

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Marble Cleaning Fort Lauderdale

Baking soda can also be used in removing stains. Make a thick paste or poultice by mixing it with water. After that, put a generous amount of the poultice over the stain and leave it covered with a plastic wrap for twenty-four hours. Use a damp soft cloth in removing the poultice. If the stain doesn't disappear, repeat the whole process. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used as an alternative to poultice. Corn starch can also be used in this method by sprinkling a bit of it and leaving it over the spot for twenty minutes.

There are many instances where removing deep scratches from your marble should be done by professionals from Colonial floor and stone care. This company will provide you with highly trained professionals who can help you preserve the quality of your marble, making it spectacular to look at again.

Marble Grinding Fort Lauderdale

Marble Grinding

Sometimes a simple marble polishing can not be done on a marble floor. The scratches has made the floor look very dull and the floor fells rough. When this happens the floor needs to be gridded so that the floor isn't rough any longer. This process is also referred to honing the floor. This is the process of using resin diamonds which scratches up the floor so that the floor..

Marble Maintenance Service Fort Lauderdale

Marble Maintenance Service

To keep the floor looking beautiful and protecting the investment in the floor marble maintenance service will be performed so that the floor doesn't get dull and that deeper scratches don't happen.

We always recommend that when cleaning the marble flooring the best approach is using a micro fiber to collect the dust and dirt..

Removing Etches From Marble

Removing Etches From Marble

There are two kinds of marble on the market. They are the natural marbles and the cultured marbles. Natural Marbles are hard yet porous stones that can be easily get stains. This kind of marble is more expensive and needs to have a regular maintenance. They can also be easily etched..


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